QA & International Standards

Approved Qualify ISO 17025 Laboratories in India & Israel

Chemical Composition Tests:

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3 methods Chemical Testing.

Equipped with two arc/spark Optical mission Spectrometers capable of high precision application, the step towards a flaw less product in chemistry.

1. Spectro

Equipped with Perkin Elmer ICP – OES capable of analyzing trace Elements in ppm & ppb levels.


Equipped with C & S Apparatus, Furnace ( up to 1000 deg C ), Ovens, Electrolysis apparatus for estimation of Copper & Lead, pH meter, Conductivity meter etc. to give the reliable results to customers..

3. WET method (Traditional)

Mechanical Testing:

2 methods Testing.

( 60 tons & 100 tons ) is for ascertaining the strength and deformation of all kinds of materials, such as steel and other materials in the form of rods, sheets, wires, tubes, chains, and so on. Plastics and wood can also be tested it enables reliably to test the quality of the materials and also the weld joints.

1. Universal Testing Machine
2. Tensometer (A Kudale Enterprises)

for sub size specimens tensile testing, with additional accessories having many other tests like cupping tests, bending, spring rating, rubber tensile testing, wire testing etc..